Early Years Settings and Schools

Communication is vital to learning and literacy development. Spoken language is the primary medium through which teachers teach and children learn within the classroom.

Children may have a range of difficulties with their speech and language skills which may impact on their learning and/or literacy development. Children may have difficulty with:

  • Using their first words
  • Speech sounds
  • Listening and concentrating
  • Understanding what is said to them
  • Remembering words
  • Using words correctly (word endings, grammar, word order)
  • Sequencing ideas
  • Social interactions with their peers
  • Talking to certain people in certain situations (Selective Mutism)

I offer a range of services within early years settings and primary schools in North East England, including:

  • Bespoke training suited to your needs
  • Accredited courses such as Talk Boost KS1, Talk Boost KS2
  • Assessments of individual children to provide advice, resources and activities
  • Individual therapy for children with identified Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)
  • Group therapy for children with identified SLCN and children at risk of difficulties
  • Advice around communication friendly environments
  • Bespoke advice sessions e.g. around whole school initiatives such as vocabulary, No Pens Days, and Voice Box joke competition (RCSLT national competition)

All children are entitled to their free NHS Speech and Language Core Offer and I liaise with NHS SLTs about the children I work with (with parental consent) to ensure an integrated service is provided in the best interests of the children.

Please get in touch to discuss how I could support Speech, Language and Communication in your school info@speechstuff.co.uk or call for a no obligation chat 01670 719791.



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